Local Business Criticises Town Centre Cleaning Cuts

Wandsworth Chamber of Commerce has hit out at the Tories’ plan to cut back on street cleaning in the Borough’s town centres: “The chamber is concerned that the town centres are kept clean and tidy. The decision to reduce cleaning should be monitored and evaluated to ensure standards of cleanliness do not suffer. Businesses need all the support they can get right now.”

Labour’s Cllr. Sheila Boswell told a council meeting last week ‘The decision will have a detrimental impact particularly on Tooting Town Centre, Putney High Street and the shopping area around Clapham Junction. The council claims to be on the side of businesses, but this seems hollow when these cuts will do nothing to help attract shoppers, boost the night time economy or enhance residents’ enjoyment of their local shopping areas’

Tooting Broadway tube station alone has over 40,000 enters and exits each weekday – 50% of these in the late afternoon early evening, which is precisely the time daily cleansing of the busiest areas will be cut. Putney High Street already has some of the poorest air quality and highest pollution levels in London: from next April Putney residents and visitors will be faced with some of the capital’s dirtiest streets too.

Cllr. Boswell asked: ‘What’s the point of carrying out a consultation if you’re not going to consult with the most heavily affected groups in this case local businesses or where you have consulted with the public not listened to what they have to say.’

 ‘Before these cuts are implemented in April next year the Council must properly consult with town centre businesses and review timings for street cleaning in the new contracts to include night time rounds.’

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