Labour Councillors and MP Condemn Tooting Shop Attacks

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Two shops in Tooting had their front windows smashed-in at the weekend as rioting spread across the capital.

Vandals shattered the front windows of Ladbrokes, in Franciscan Road, Tooting, and nearby CEX, in Mitcham Road.

Wandsworth police today remained tight-lipped about the incidents, which are believed to have taken place last night in the wake of Saturday night’s riot and looting in Tottenham.

After repeated requests for information, a spokeswoman eventually said all queries would be handled by the central London Metropolitan Police Service team, who has still not responded to request for information about incidents and what is being done to protect local businesses and residents.

A shopworker in Londis, close to the Ladbroke shop, said he thought the damage was done last night, as the windows were broken when he arrived at work at 6.30am.

Rashad Sultan of Sultan and Co Accountants said: “By the time we opened, it was all boarded up, so we did not know what happened.

“They probably just walked past and said let’s break-in as it had no shutters.

“We have got shutters so nothing happened to us. At the moment it is ok but we do not know what will happen tonight.”

A spokesman for Ladbrokes said three men forced their way into the Franciscan Road branch at 4.09am this morning, were inside for “about a minute” but did not take anything.

Tooting’s MP Sadiq Khan said: “These incidents are extremely worrying. “I am in regular contact with the local police who have reassured me they are doing all that they can to keep local residents and businesses safe.

“If anybody has any information about the incidents they should get in touch with the police.”

Ward councillor James Daley said the situation was extremely concerning, adding he and his council colleagues would be working with police where possible to ensure public safety is maintained.

Labour group leader Councillor Rex Osborn branded any looting “unacceptable” and praised police in the borough for “containing the problem”.

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