Labour calls for halt to police cuts

Commenting on civil disorder this week in the borough, Wandsworth Labour Group Leader, Cllr Rex Osborn said:

“The wanton acts of looting and destruction that we saw in Clapham Junction and elsewhere are truly sickening and have no place in the borough.

Residents and business people have a right to expect that their community, their homes and their livelihoods will be protected. It is clear that on Monday night local police had insufficient officers to ensure that businesses and residents were protected, yet under London’s Mayor Boris Johnson, police numbers are being reduced. The leader of the council must now make clear that cuts to the number of police in Wandsworth are unacceptable, and lobby the Government and the Mayor for this policy to be reversed without delay”

Councillor Leonie Cooper local Greater London Assembly candidate said: “The shocking events of the last few days clearly demonstrate that Mayor Boris Johnson & the Conservatives have got it wrong when they say that London can manage with fewer police. Monday night saw Clapham Junction completely lawless with the police unable to prevent theft & criminal damage. It is pure luck that no-one was hurt.

That it has taken riots across London to get the Conservative Mayor to change his mind on cutting our London police frankly beggars belief.”

Author: Wandsworth Labour

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