The Wandsworth Labour Group has requisitioned a special meeting of the Council to question the majority Conservative party over its response to the recent riots, and to urge councillors to oppose the police cuts being proposed by the Coalition government.

The special meeting will be held at Wandsworth Town Hall on 21 September. Wandsworth Labour Group leader, Councillor Rex Osborn said: “Wandsworth was one of the boroughs worst hit by the rioting and looting. It is clear that a shortage of police officers was a major problem in Clapham Junction when the disturbances occurred. It took 16,000 police to eventually bring order to London’s streets – and 16,000 is exactly the number of police officers this government plans to cut.

Here in Wandsworth we will lose at least five police sergeants this year alone; local police teams will be merged or moved from areas they currently patrol. “Wandsworth Council has a duty to oppose cuts in police numbers. For that we need a council meeting and the Labour Party has ensured this will take place on September 21. The police need our support, not the threat of job losses. “I, and all the Labour councillors, want to ensure that the scenes we saw at the beginning of August are never repeated in Wandsworth. This will involve asking some difficult questions, which the majority party have so far failed to answer.”

Councillor Leonie Cooper, the GLA candidate for Merton & Wandsworth and opposition speaker for Community Safety said: “The London riots proved that not only is there no room for police cuts at the current time, but also that the current force are spread too thinly. It’s shocking that Wandsworth Council continues to support cuts to police at a time when community safety is at the top of residents’ priorities.”

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