Special Council Meeting on 21st September – Labour Forces Police Cuts Debate

Motion to be moved by Councillor Osborn and seconded by Councillor Mrs. L. Cooper

Police Numbers

 “This Council notes:-

 (a) the successful implementation of Safer Neighbourhood Teams across Wandsworth;

(b) that Police numbers have been the subject of much political debate, with both the majority party and the minority party supporting full strength Safer Neighbourhood Teams, and adequate Metropolitan Police being allocated to the Borough;

 (c) that recent proposals to cut the size of Safer Neighbourhood Teams, initially by reducing the number of Sergeants are not helpful in fighting crime and maintaining good community policing and law and order;

 (d) that further cuts totalling 1,800 Metropolitan Police officers will be implemented during 2012, which will lead to increases in crime and decreases in detection; and

 (e) that on the night of 8th August 2011 there were insufficient officers stationed in the Borough to maintain order, leading to uncontrolled crime and disorder for several hours in the Clapham Junction area, and further notes that any further reduction in police numbers will give comfort to criminals, and reduce local ability to cope with any further disturbances.

 This Council therefore:-

(i) calls on the Mayor of London to reverse all cuts to Safer Neighbourhood Team Sergeants;

 (ii) calls on the Mayor of London to re-think his proposals for cuts to the Metropolitan Police; and

(iii) calls for more local Police to receive training in dealing with riots and street disorder, to ensure the events of the 8th August are not repeated, and that law-abiding local citizens and businesses can remain safe.”

In addition we will be discussing the Council’s proposals to evict innocent families from Council houses, along with anyone who is convicted  of taking part in the recent civil unrest. Read the full papers here:


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