Woman thrown out of riot eviction debate at Wandsworth Town Hall

By Alexandra Rucki (reposted from Wandsworth Guardian)

A woman was thrown out of Wandsworth Town Hall public gallery last week during a riots debate for shouting “Bring back hanging.”The woman stood up during a stormy council meeting debating the aftermath of the riots, evictions and police numbers. Police officers escorted her outside whilst she banged on the public gallery and shouted: “Bring back public hanging.”

Mayor, Councillor Jane Cooper warned people would be told to leave if they continued to disrupt councillors.

Wandsworth’s Labour Group called the special meeting in order to urge Conservatives to oppose police cuts. Councillor Andy Gibbons, deputy leader of Wandsworth Labour Group said: “Wandsworth is short by five police officers. Now is not the time for police cuts in Wandsworth.”

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One thought on “Woman thrown out of riot eviction debate at Wandsworth Town Hall”

  1. There was a lot of heckling from the public gallery but to say the woman was thrown out is incorrect. The mayor threatened to throw a lot of people out as a result of the continued heckling but they all left of their own accord. The woman in question made the comments, sarcastically, after she had decided to leave. She was out of her seat and in the aisle, heading towards the door when she made her comments. The police were in attendance but they had no need to act in this case.

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