Wandsworth Tory Councillor dubs EMA “dole for kids”

GLA Candidate Leonie Cooper

A row broke out during a council meeting last Wednesday, after a Wandsworth Councillor dubbed the Education Maintenance Allowance (EMA) as “dole for kids.”

Conservative Councillor Matthew Maxwell Scott made the comment during a discussion about Ken Livingstone’s plans to re-introduce EMA to London if he became Mayor.

During the meeting Tory councillors spoke out against reinstating the £30 a week grant for children living in struggling households. Councillor Maxwell Scott described the grant as “dole for kids”, provoking a furious response from opposition councillors.

Labour Councillor and GLA candidate Leonie Cooper described Coun Scott’s remarks as “insulting and ignorant”. She said: “I was quite shocked at his open sneering at EMA. For many ordinary families and teenagers EMA made all the difference, allowing them to buy books or travel to college.

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