Pensioners Fund the Tory Tycoon Tax Cut

By Josh Kaile

This week’s newspapers were among the worst reviews of a Budget I’ve ever seen. Across the board – including the most loyal Conservative papers like the Daily Telegraph and The Daily Mail – there is unqualified dismay at the way the Tories have singled out pensioners to fund a 5p cut in Income Tax for those earning more than £150,000 a year.

Whatever your view of the effectiveness of the 50p – now 45p – Income Tax rate, we can surely all agree that cutting a tax that affects a tiny proportion of the very richest shouldn’t come at the expense of pensioners and those on anything like average incomes who don’t claim benefits, trying to survive on frozen incomes while prices rise, can’t we?

Well, all of us that is except for Conservative cabinet ministers – many of whom are going to benefit personally from the cut in the 50p rate.

These are the wrong priorities.  But they’re not confined to the Conservative Government.  Our Conservative council behaves like this too.  It’s why they allow developers to stack up massive blocks of flats while trying to avoid  providing any affordable homes for local people. Their 42 storey twin towers on the Ram Brewery site for example would have contained ZERO affordable homes. It’s why council tax is low yet council rents paid by the poorest are the highest – yes, that’s the HIGHEST – in London.  Charges for services like Meals on Wheels, Home Helps, Disabled equipment are also sky high.

Nationally and locally, here in Wandsworth, Conservatives are making choices to subsidise the wealthiest at the expense of the least affluent.  You may not mind that.  But I’m Labour because those sort of values bother me.  It’s not fair and it’s not right.

If you share my values, and want to reject the Conservative way, please vote for me next Thursday, 29th March.  Your vote will get you’ll a councillor presenting the alternative to the Conservative way of squeezing those on low and middle incomes in order to give handouts to what even the Conservative and Lib Dem government call “tycoons”.

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