Labour Gets 9% Swing In Southfields

Sadly we didn’t win in Southfields today, but we increased Labour’s vote by 18 points.

Our campaigning alongside our excellent candidate, Josh Kaile proves that Labour are a real threat to the complacent Tories in Wandsworth, and that the Liberal Democrats are no longer seen as a viable alternative.

Southfields result: con 1841, lab 1511, ld 220, grn 100, ukip 40, ind 38

Author: Wandsworth Labour

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2 thoughts on “Labour Gets 9% Swing In Southfields”

    1. An interesting psephological question. Obviously by-elections are different from multi-seat elections and they may reflect national trends too – but what is clear is that Labour in Wandsworth will be mounting a strong challenge in 2014. We have strong organisation and active candidates. And if the Tories carry on as they are, their support won’t hold.

      Cllr. Andy Gibbons

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