Today Labour’s Josh Kaile has built on Labour’s growing resurgence in Wandsworth, increasing Labour’s vote by 18 points in Southfields – the second significant swing in the last year.

This builds on the strong message voters in Putney sent to Wandsworth Town Hall last summer, when Labour polled strongly in the Thamesfield by-election.

Now, Josh has gone even further, proving Labour are a real threat to the complacent Tories in Wandsworth, and that the Liberal Democrats are no longer seen as a viable alternative.

Based on these figures, Labour candidate Cllr Leonie Cooper looks set to the take the Merton and Wandsworth GLA seat in May.

Cllr Rex Osborn, Leader of the Labour Group in Wandsworth Council said,

“I am pleased to see that Labour supporters in Southfields turned out to support a great local candidate, and this shows we are a real presence in Wandsworth. There is a clear appetite for change, and Labour will be building on this in coming elections.

“Labour in Wandsworth prioritise children’s services, public safety and healthcare services, which clearly resonates with voters”.

Candidate Josh Kaile said,

“Thanks for everyone who turned out to vote for me today in Southfields, and I look forward to seeing Labour build on this in the coming months”.



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