‘Cllr. Morritt should go – and Wandsworth Conservatives should come clean’

By Rex Osborn, Leader of the Labour Group

On October 31, Wandsworth councillor Robert Morritt, who represents East Putney 
Ward, was removed from the Wandsworth Conservative Group. For now he remains a 
councillor but the voters of East Putney did not elect an independent in 2010. 
The honourable course of action for Cllr. Morritt is to resign his Council seat.

To be removed from the Conservative Group, Cllr. Morritt must have done 
something wrong.  The voters of East Putney should be told what it was Cllr 
Morritt did.

Allegations have appeared in two national publications, and a website, 
concerning the conduct of Cllr. Morritt and his handling of funds during his 
time employed by Wandsworth Conservatives and his early days as a councillor. He 
has insisted he is innocent. The voters of Wandsworth deserve to be told which, 
if any, of these allegations are true.

Whatever it was that Cllr. Morritt did up to 2010, accusations first surfaced in 
public in July 2012. Since then the Wandsworth Conservative Leader has 
prevaricated and delayed taking any action.  No doubt the Conservatives fear 
this affair exposes their indecision and their lack of financial good sense but 
there are serious questions unanswered. 

Has Cllr. Morritt broken any law?

Who knew what Cllr. Morritt had done?

And when did they know it?

Cllr. Morritt should go - but Wandsworth Conservatives should come clean.

Author: Wandsworth Labour

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