Labour’s Pledges for Wandsworth

1. Low council tax and value for money.
Both parties support low council tax. The difference is that the Tories waste £3 million of your money on bonuses for Town Hall bosses. Labour says that money should be used to ensure you get the high quality services you deserve. Lbour-rose
2. Keeping you safe
Labour is campaigning hard for all residential streets to have a 20mph limit.  We will also bring back lollipop wardens outside schools. Labour brought back local police teams, which the Tories have since slashed.
3. Supporting local shops, pubs and the community
Labour’s “save our high street” campaign has forced  the government to finally give council powers to tackle about betting chains taking over valued local shops. We’re fighting Wandsworth Tories’ foot-dragging over saving the Wheatsheaf pub at Tooting Bec. We will re-open the One o’clock Clubs closed by the Tories at Bolingbroke, Coronation Gardens, Windmill and Alton. And we’d recruit  new frontline enforcement staff to tackle fly tipping, littering and dog fouling.
4. Addressing London’s housing crisis
Nationally, Labour will introduce 3-year rental contracts to protect tenants from unaffordable rent rises, ban letting agent fees and get house building moving again. The Tories are standing by while rents go up 10% a year. Wandsworth Labour would create 1000 additional homes for social rent, freeze rent for council tenants until 2016 and bring it into line with the rest of London.
5. Tackling the cost of living crisis
For years now, prices have gone up faster than most people’s wages. A Labour government would freeze energy prices and provide more help with childcare. The out-of-touch Tories are denying that there’s a problem. Wandsworth Labour supports the London Living Wage.


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Author: Wandsworth Labour

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2 thoughts on “Labour’s Pledges for Wandsworth”

  1. I’m very sympathetic to many of your local pledges. In relation to local residential street safety I can see the sense of the 20mph limit but how would it be enforced? The last government oversaw a huge rise in the number of speed cameras which do have their place in the safety strategy but made the motorist the enemy. I would not like to see a speed camera on every street corner. Motorists should be looking out of the windscreen for children and pedestrians, not nervously monitoring their speedometers in case they are 1mph too fast.

    I think all schools should have volunteer parent rotas to “patrol” the yellow lines outside schools and discourage parking on crossings and zig-zags by other parents by explaining the hazards. Persistent offenders could be asked to come and meet the Head at PTAs.

    What do other think?

    1. There certainly wouldn’t be speed cameras – but there would be signs, and if responsible motorists kept to the limit that would also prevent others speeding.

      If there are problems with parents breaking parking rules, contact the council and wardens can be sent to monitor the problem.

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