‘Wandsworth’s long-standing record of welcoming refugees from all over the world’

Statement from Rex Osborn, Wandsworth Labour leader:

CLLR_REX_OSBORNMany of us are now moved daily by the tragedy of thousands in a desperate struggle to find safety as they flee catastrophe in their homelands. This is a time to remember Wandsworth’s long- standing record of welcoming refugees from all over the world.

Wandsworth Labour are pleased to see the Government announce this week its support for these desperate people and its plans to offer sanctuary to refugees. We await more detail on what is expected of Councils and what assistance Councils can anticipate while we understand the urgent need for action. Whatever the details of the Government response, Wandsworth Council will have a part to play.

Meanwhile we are touched by the groundswell of public support in Wandsworth for the plight of the refugees. There are several agencies organising contributions from the public but if anybody is still looking for advice on what to do there are suggestions here: https://wandsworthlabour.org/2015/09/04/refugee-crisis-what-can-we-do-in-wandsworth/

The generosity of the people of Wandsworth shows the way forward for our Councillors and our Council.

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