Labour urges Tooting Tories to stop playing politics with Crossrail 2



Rex Osborn, leader of Wandsworth Labour said: “Local Tories are being extremely disingenuous with their Crossrail 2 survey. Instead of pointing people towards the official consultation, they are using Crossrail 2 as an opportunity to harvest residents’ contact details.

“And what is worse, it could result in fewer people taking part in the real consultation, as many will think taking part in the survey is enough. TfL have made it clear that this is not an alternative to the consultation, and residents must submit their views to TfL directly. With fewer people submitting to the consultation, we could see our station moved to Balham.

“I would advise local Tories who think they are smart enough to be Members of Parliament that it is wrong to play politics with matters like Crossrail 2. The needs of the community come first.”

Author: Wandsworth Labour

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