Your choice for Crossrail 2: Balham or Tooting Broadway?

The Crossrail 2 consultation closes this Friday (Jan 8), so have your say now on the official website.
Sadiq Khan MP has been working to ensure transport bosses listen to your views on the proposed Crossrail 2 rail line, which will connect our area to Clapham Junction and central London.
The original plans for a station at Tooting Broadway were thrown into doubt after a survey showed underground conditions would make this hugely expensive. Instead they are proposing to link to the Northern Line at Balham.
Sadiq Khan MP said, “Tooting Broadway was a sensible choice, not least to improve links to St George’s Hospital. I’ve been pushing TfL to organise more, properly-promoted consultation events so that local residents can have their questions answered and have their say.”
“I will ensure that TfL properly considers your views. Whichever option is chosen will have a big impact on our area, both during the building work and beyond. So support from local residents is vital.”

Author: Wandsworth Labour

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One thought on “Your choice for Crossrail 2: Balham or Tooting Broadway?”

  1. the day when a Mayor of London uses their authority to ensure that no disabled pensioner has to spend £24 of her pension to go to and from a hospital by mini cab
    is the day I will have faith in the Mayor.
    but I can’t visualize that ever becoming a reality
    cause the will simply doesn’t exist.
    all we hear is oh I’ll do this and do that etc etc
    but when it comes down to doing it
    it never quite happens.
    and like any other person I Long to see the back of Boris Johnson
    after all a clown belongs in a circus.
    I know Sadiq is more serious than Boris (which is good)
    but I can’t help worrying that He will end up being all talk and little action?
    Time will of course tell
    but I just hope that London will finally get the mayor it deserves.
    someone who will put them first and make getting around by public transport more affordable and less stressful.
    and also sort out the tug of war between uber, the black taxi cabs and the rickshaw riders.
    it really upsets me to know that Boris has spent eight years “doing his irritating and cringe worthy act” without stopping to deal with the conflict between those three businesses.
    I also want to see less Titles being given to people who are not worthy of being a Sir
    when the Business they Direct is in chaos.
    Let the leaders prove themselves first before they are given titles.
    after all what has Peter Hendy done to be deemed worthy of being given a knighthood?
    if anyone is given a knighthood I don’t expect the business they run to be in chaos.

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