Community campaign halts closure of Battersea Sports Centre

Wandsworth Council has agreed to keep Battersea Sports Centre open following a community campaign led by local Labour councillors.

The Tory council planned to demolish the Sports Centre as soon as possible to make way for new housing. Strong objections from local people led the council to find a different site for the new homes.

Battersea Sports Centre will now remain open, and meanwhile plans are being drawn up to build a new large leisure centre as part of the nearby Winstanley and York Road Estate regeneration.

Simon Hogg, Leader of Wandsworth Labour said: “I’m delighted that we’re keeping our Sports Centre open. So many local people told me they love Battersea Sports Centre – from jiu jitsu black-belts and basketballers to the kids who play football on the AstroTurf. The council should create more opportunities for people to play sport, not take them away.”

The Labour Party has always opposed the knocking down of Battersea Sports Centre on Hope Street which is well used and a key asset to a deprived community. Last year, Battersea Labour Councillors submitted a petition to the Council with 750 signatures.

The Council papers agreed last week state: “as there is no immediate requirement for the Hope Street site as a decant site…[the acquisition of the Shuttleworth Road site] provides an opportunity to review the closure of Battersea Sports Centre”.

The Battersea Sports Centre has four badminton courts, a gym, dance studio, café, treatment room, outdoor basketball court and an outdoor pitch.

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