Government budget cuts plan would take £6m from Putney schools

jeremy-and-pater-at-school-gatesRoehampton councillors Jeremy Ambache (left) and Peter Carpenter

The Government is proposing a major change to the funding of schools. The changes mean that schools in Putney will lose £5,994,867, or roughly 13% of their current budgets over the next 4 years.

Jeremy Ambache, Labour’s Education spokesperson and councillor for Roehampton has attacked the Tory plans, which would mean cuts equivalent to £740 per Putney pupil.

Councillor Ambache said: “The Government plans to cut almost £6m from schools in Putney by 2020. This is equivalent to losing 162 full time teacher posts and will have serious consequences for the education of local children. I appeal to Justine Greening – the Education Secretary – to stand up for her Putney constituents and to protect schools in her constituency by opposing these cuts”.

The Putney schools likely to be worst hit include:

Ashcroft Technical Academy which stands to lose £984,927 or 14% of its current budget, equivalent to £995 per pupil or 26 full time teachers.

Heathmere Primary School in Roehampton, which stands to lose £231,656, or 15% of its current budget, equivalent to £864 per pupil or 6 full time teachers;

Brandlehow Primary School which stands to lose £205,249, or 15% of its current budget, equivalent to £693 per pupil or 5 full time teachers and;

According to the National Union of Teachers (NUT) who compiled the figures, “We estimate that 92% of schools [in the UK] could face cuts in their funding per pupil in real terms over the next four years, with no local authority – and no MP – set to gain overall, even after the redistributive impact of the Government’s ‘fair funding’ proposals have been taken into account”.

Jeremy Ambache concluded: “Schools budgets have already been cut to the bone and schools in Putney simply cannot afford to lose yet more money. We need to invest in education and our Secretary of State for Education should be showing leadership. Failure to do so will mean seriously letting down a generation of children.”

To see how by much your school’s budget will be cut, visit the website

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