How to oppose the cuts to local schools

Schools in Wandsworth are set to lose £15,612,273 by 2020, as a result of the Government’s so-called ‘Fairer Funding Formula’ and other budget pressures.

The figures, released by the National Union of Teachers (NUT), are equivalent to the loss of 419 teachers borough-wide or a cut of £603 per pupil in Wandsworth. Read details in the Wandsworth Guardian.

Three things you can do today

ONE Email the Secretary of State for Education, who is also the Putney MP:,
On twitter: @justinegreening using the hashtag #investdontcut

TWO Have your say in the Government’s consultation on the cuts, which ends on March 22, here. The government’s survey is very technical so you may want just answer question 14 on page 7. The key points to make, in your own words, are:
(a) all schools should get proper funding to provide a good education for our children.
(b) no school should lose out as a results of the new National Funding Formula.
Then go to page 11 to submit your response.

THREE Write to the heads of your local school urging them to also oppose the cuts.

It is vital that our schools are properly funded. The government’s planned reductions in funding will mean larger class sizes in Wandsworth for all schools which will inevitably erode the quality of our children’s education.

We can’t afford not to invest in education – it makes no economic sense to go backwards and lose the gains we’ve made in London’s education in recent decades.

All schools in Wandsworth will lose funding. Some examples:

  • Chestnut Grove, which will lose £739,147, equivalent to £927 per pupil or 25 teachers.
  • Graveney School which will lose £1011,110, equivalent to £791 per pupil or 23 teachers.

For more information visit the website: to find all the projected budget cuts for all local schools.

You can read the Motion opposing the cuts that was proposed by Wandsworth Labour here.

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