Outrage as Wandsworth Council cuts 250 affordable homes from Battersea Power Station development

Wandsworth Council last night voted for a planning application that will see 250 affordable housing units cut from the Battersea Power Station development.

Under these new plans, the £9 billion project will deliver just 9% affordable homes.

Many of the remaining affordable homes will now be moved out of the Power Station site itself to a former industrial estate half a mile away.

Tory councillors at the Planning Commiittee vote to cut affordable housing

Wandsworth Tory councillors vote in favour of reducing the number of affordable homes at the Battersea Power Station site

In the House of Commons, newly elected Battersea MP Marsha de Cordova asked for the government to intervene, she said: “We have seen across London developers reducing their commitment to provide affordable homes. Developers are using viability assessments to act as a loophole to reduce the number of affordable homes being provided. For us to tackle the housing crisis in London we need to make sure developers are held to account”.

Simon Hogg, Wandsworth Labour leader, said: “It’s a truly sickening decision. Thousands of local people need affordable housing – including the 1,500 homeless families in the borough. This decision means the amount of affordable housing on this £9 billion scheme has been reduced to just 9%. That’s terrible.”

He added: “The system is clearly broken. The interests of large property developers are being put ahead of the public interest. That will change if we take control of the Council next year.”



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