On National Offer Day, Wandsworth Labour promises it will ensure a fair provision of school places across the borough

Today is National Offer Day, when parents and children learn which school place they have been allocated by Wandsworth Council for September.

Last year, 42% of Wandsworth’s children missed out on their first choice of school.

According to Cllr Jeremy Ambache, Wandsworth Labour’s Education Spokesperson: “National Offer Day brings good news for many Wandsworth families, but for others it is a distressing time as children are told they cannot go to their school of choice. Wandsworth Labour is taking the opportunity of National Offer Day to pledge that should Labour take control of Wandsworth in May, we will ensure a fair provision of school places right across the borough”.

Jeremy Ambache added: “Parents have told me that they are not only anxious about getting their child into the school they want to go to, but about the budget cuts those schools are facing”.

Cllr Jeremy Ambache

According to the National Education Union, schools in Wandsworth are facing government cuts of £9 million between 2015/16 and 2020/21. This is equivalent to losing more than 150 teachers.

Cllr Ambache said: “Schools in Battersea, Putney and Tooting are not replacing teachers and teaching assistants. Some parents are asked to make donations towards classroom equipment. After-school and pre-school provision has been reduced. Drama, sport and music are being cut. It’s desperately sad to see children miss out.”


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