Battersea Power Station has failed on affordable housing – local people deserve better


The developers of Battersea Power Station have sent out this glossy mailing to people across Wandsworth. There’s a few problems with it…

It’s not “the first 386 affordable homes” at Battersea Power Station. It’s the first *and only* affordable homes. Independent adviser BNP Paribas says it is “very unlikely” any more will be built.

Last year Wandsworth’s Tory council unbelievably allowed the developers of the Power Station cut to cut 250 affordable homes. This means the £9,000,000,000 scheme has just 9% affordable housing.

These remaining affordable homes are not “at Battersea Power Station”. They’ve been moved to an old industrial estate half a mile away from the luxury homes.

Battersea Power Station is not for local people. “831 of the first units have been sold. A staggering 85.7% have been snapped up by foreign investors, according to Transparency International, with 44.7% of those from high corruption risk jurisdictions.”

Want to buy one of the full-price homes at Battersea Power Station? Rightmove says you can pick up a studio flat for £950,000 or a three-bed flat for £8,220,000.

It’s a bit odd to send a glossy leaflet to tens of thousands of local people about homes that will be available in 2020. There are, though, local elections in two months’ time. I’m told the Power Station developers are worried Labour might win.

If the developers of Battersea Power Station want to make their scheme an election issue, that’s fine. So do we.

Wandsworth is a fantastic place to live. Its strong, diverse communities represent the best of modern London. But after decades in power, the Tories have got too cosy with developers and lobbyists and have stopped listening to residents.

Wandsworth Labour will work with local people to protect high streets, provide the homes our communities want, and stop Wandsworth becoming a playground for developers.

Labour’s team is ready to build a strong council that puts fairness first and stands up to powerful interests. No Wandsworth Labour councillor will accept gifts or meals from a property developer.

All Planning Application Committee meetings broadcast live. We’ll listen to local people with improved consultation, a borough-wide planning forum and neighbourhood plans.

We’ll get tough with property developers and make sure they live up to the commitments they make to the community. Deals made with developers will be public and uncensored.

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