Wandsworth Labour calls on the council to improve its grim recycling record


On Global Recycling Day, Wandsworth Labour calls on the Council to improve its grim recycling record.

Locally, Wandsworth Council has a grim recycling record.  Out of 350 English local authorities Wandsworth has the 6th worst recycling rate. Only 22% of household waste is recycled.  

Today is Global Recycling Day which aims to push the urgent need for more effectively recycle around the world to assure the future of our planet.  So today, Labour Councillors in Wandsworth have launched a petition calling on the Council to take more action to improve its poor recycling rate.

Television programmes such as Blue Planet and students taking days off school to protest have intensified the debate and calls for action on environmental issues and climate change.  Although local authority budgets have been cut council’s still have an important role in making changes that lessening the negative impact we have on our environment.

 According to Labour’s Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Putney and local Councillor, Fleur Anderson: “The Council needs to improve its grim record of having the country’s 6th worst recycling rate.  So today, on Global Recycling Day we are calling on the Council to do more to improve its recycling rate.”

Cllr Anderson added: “The Council should pilot a weekly separate food waste collection scheme.  The national government aims to introduce separate food waste collection for all households nationwide and the vast majority of local authorities in London already offer this service for their residents. On average, food waste can account for overhttps://www.ipetitions.com/petition/wandsworthrecycling a third of household waste.  Not only would a separate food waste scheme increase the amount of recycled waste but it inspires people to think more carefully about all the waste they generate leading them to reduce the overall levels of waste they generate.”

Fleur Anderson said: “The Council could also make it easier for residents to recycle.  Residents have complained to me that there are not sufficient numbers of recycling bins, local public recycling banks have disappeared and recycling bins in public buildings either do not exist or are not clearly labelled. The Council needs to step up and play its part in lessening the negative impact we have on our environment.”

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