One year on: Dogs in distress, Tooting goes to Wembley & housing help

One year one, a massive thank you to Wandsworth residents from Wandsworth Labour councillors

It’s been exactly a year since Wandsworth Labour succeeded in winning seven additional seats. It was our best result for 30 years and we fell just short of winning the council.

There are now 25 Labour councillors working on your behalf to build better policies in the Town Hall and support community campaigns in your neighbourhood.

We want to thank Wandsworth residents for putting their faith in us and being so supportive of our work throughout this year.  It’s an honour and a privilege to represent local people and to work to improve life for all local people

After May 2018, we welcomed new Labour councillors on board and built a team that draws on our diverse life experience and wide areas of interest.  Within the team we have councillors with backgrounds in healthcare, community outreach, education, legal, business and environment.

We lean on each other’s experience to find the best outcomes for all the issues that we are contacted about.  For each of us, the past year has brought many successful outcomes for residents, and it’s these moments that make us so proud to represent you.

Over the next week we’ll be sharing stories of these achievements. Please do get in touch with your ideas for how we can continue to do this.

Thank you for your support!


Day one: Saving dogs in distress, Tooting goes to Wembley and getting a resident back on their feet


Cllr Clare Fraser (Bedford ward) safeguards dogs in distress

Last summer I was delighted to bring to an end a long-running issue affecting many residents living on Dafforne Road in Tooting Bec.

A resident living on the road was keeping a number of dogs in the gardens of the property which were barking and in distress at all times of the day and night. This was causing a great amount of anguish to residents living on the road who were unable to sleep at night and afraid for the welfare of the dogs being kept there. This issue had been going on periodically for a number of years, but it had been difficult to take lasting action, previously.

Over the course of a number of months I worked closely with the animal welfare, environmental health and legal teams at the council to progress through the necessary steps to ensure that a lasting solution was found for all residents, and that the dogs were placed in an environment where they would be looked after and would no longer be in distress.

I am proud, that through tenacity I was able to help bring this matter to a close, helping a number of residents in the process.


Cllr Kate Forbes (Graveney ward) takes Tooting to Wembley

Working with Tooting MP, Dr Rosena Allin-Khan, I was proud to give hundreds of schoolchildren and charities across Tooting Graveney tickets to watch England play at Wembley.

Jimmy Asher Foundation, Digilab and Business Launchpad are fantastic local charities that work to upskill young people – I was so pleased to see the excitement of the staff and young people who were able to attend.

When I spoke to the headteacher of St Boniface RC Primary School, she told me that she had been overwhelmed by the interest from among parents and children for the offer. They were thrilled to be given the opportunity to go to Wembley – something they had previously thought was out of their reach.

It is so powerful to be able to work as part of such a fantastic team of Labour Councillors and with our brilliant Tooting MP. These schools and organisations work hard day-in, day-out, to give their all for our young people – I was proud to be able to give a little back.


Cllr Paul White (Tooting ward) helps out in the housing crisis

Housing for all is one of my passions.  Recently I was asked to help a family of three children who were living in very overcrowded conditions in a two bedroom flat.

I met with this person, many times and kept pushing the council to move him and his family without much luck with us both being told that he was too far down the list to expect a move.  In the meantime, his wife developed medical conditions and the stress on the family worsened. Under the stress, he lost the business that he was trying to build to support his family.

Some two months later, after the last rejection letter, I got a call from him excitedly telling me that the council had offered him a 3 bedroom flat in Putney.  He invited me to a moving in meal to thank me for my help.

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