One year on: Loving local schools & cracking down on rat-running

It’s been a year since 26 Wandsworth Labour councillors were elected. Each day this week we hear their stories of how they have made life a little better for local people

Part 4: Loving our local schools, creating Parklife and cracking down on rat-running

Councillor Fleur Anderson (Bedford ward) is dedicated to local schools

Support for our wonderful local schools is a very rewarding part of being a councillor.

In times of school budget cuts, being able to advise and support parents and teacher to get funds from grants is important. I am pleased to have given encouragement, advice and support to two successful primary school projects during the last year both of which will improve our environment.

St Anselm’s School parents have have an award from the Mayor of London’s Air Quality Fund for a ‘green wall’ to cut pollution from the High Road to the playground and classrooms. Ravenstone School have won a Wandsworth Grant Fund to work with local community groups to transform some of their playground into a community garden.


Councillor Andy Gibbons (Graveney ward) creates Parklife in Graveney

Working with local residents, I have been able to secure £15,000 funding to consult about developing a small park near Gravenel Gardens on Mellison Road.

The scheme would aim to make the area greener and also to reduce the flow of traffic at the Sellincourt crossroads, enabling parents and children from the school to cross more safely.

The money comes from contributions paid by commercial developers as part of the local Community Infrastructure Levy. If this scheme is backed by residents it could lead to further schemes to green Graveney and cut traffic on residential streets.


Councillor Peter Carpenter (West Hill ward) deals with rat-running

Residents have been complaining for years about rat-running through West Hill Ward caused by the build up of traffic on the West Hill section of the A3 at peak times.

The long term solution would be to improve traffic flows on West Hill, but the A3 is a TfL road and it would require significant interventions, so no action is expected soon.

In the meantime, we persuaded the Council to conduct a detailed traffic survey of the area and come up with options to alleviate rat-running.  A series of interventions were discussed with Councillors in the Autumn of 2018 and an initial phase was agreed at Committee and was introduced for an experimental six-month period in March 2019.

Left turning traffic has been banned from entering Windlesham Grove between 7am and 10am, and during this time Inner Park Road ha been made one way Westbound.  This prevents traffic from the A3 and Wimbledon Parkside from rat-running through West Hill Ward during the morning peak.

If the trial proves successful we will be considering additional measures to further reduce rat-running.

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