One year on: Windrush victim support and championing local boxing

It’s been a year since 26 Wandsworth Labour councillors were elected. Each day this week we hear their stories of how they have made life a little better for local people

Part 6:  Windrush victim support and championing local boxing


Councillor Claire Gilbert (Roehampton and Putney Heath ward) campaigns for Windrush victims

A windrush victim came to our surgery in Roehampton last year seeking help after having lost her job 10 years ago, with no income or access to financial support from the state since then due to the hostile environment.

Unfortunately she was let down by her local MP when she first raised this issue many years ago.

Together we challenged her treatment, and have now got her British Citizenship and then her British Passport – so she can now visit her family in Germany and Jamaica without the fear of not being allowed back into the UK. We went to the Citizenship ceremony together with her family and it was a very special occasion, although bittersweet.

This lovely and brave woman still suffers severe financial hardship due to her treatment. We made a claim for compensation under the Windrush Hardship scheme, and have written many letters to the Government – but we have been turned down for any financial help.


Councillor Sue McKinney (Roehampton and Putney Heath ward) supports local boxing

One of my favourite things has been supporting Roehampton and Putney Boxing Club whom I have supported over the 5 years.

They were really struggling so I introduced them to the Royal Marines in Southfields.  Since then and with the help of a bit of cross-party work, they have gone from strength to strength. They are also going to be a Mayor’s charity this year.

“A special blessing goes out to Sue for introducing us to people we would not think of getting in touch with or have the time to reach out to.” Karen Horsford, Founder, coach and match maker, Putney and Roehampton Boxing Club.



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