Labour boycotts search for new council Wandsworth Chief Executive over ‘stitch up’

Wandsworth Labour will not support the job search for Wandsworth’s new £250,000 chief executive, accusing the Conservative majority of an “unfair and disrespectful” stitch up.

Simon Hogg, Wandsworth Labour leader said: “The chief executive is the most important job in the council. Sadly, Wandsworth Conservatives are trying to stitch up the selection of our new council boss.

“Labour is being offered only one place out of eight on the panel to select the new chief executive.

“Wandsworth Labour won the popular vote at the last election and we have nearly half the councillors. There’s every chance we’ll take control of the council in two years at the next election. So we need a chief executive both Labour and Conservative can have confidence in.

“It’s unfair and disrespectful to shut Labour councillors out of the process in this way and we won’t be taking part unless we’re treated as equal partners.

“It’s a shame, but the reality is now that this process will simply be looking for an interim chief executive to serve for a year or 18 months. Top candidates won’t apply unless the appointment has the backing of both major parties.

“Councillor Govindia, the Conservative leader, has stopped listening to local people and lost the confidence of councillors. The only people we’ve seen him sit down and listen to are property developers and lobbyists.

“He should reach out and agree to work together on the big challenges that face the council.”

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