How to create safer streets during the Coronavirus crisis

Falcon Road

Wandsworth Labour believes the Council should respond to the current Coronavirus crisis by making our streets safer for walking and cycling.

Wandsworth Labour leader Simon Hogg said: “The Coronavirus crisis has changed the way we live and work. We need to start making common sense changes in our neighbourhoods so local people can live their lives in a safe and healthy way.”

Graveney ward councillor Andy Gibbons says: “When the Government is urging us to obey social distancing rules, it is the Council’s duty to make it possible for us to do so on our pavements and streets.”

Earlsfield ward councillor Jo Rigby added that “when schools re-open, we need to provide safer streets and car-free access to our schools. There are many first time cyclists in Wandsworth who need reassurance that our roads are safe for them.”

Wandsworth Labour councillors have listened to local people and identified schemes for action.

This includes ‘pop-up’ cycle facilities, improved access to green space, reduced speed limits, improved traffic flow, better pedestrian routes and installing better cycle parking.

Special measures should be taken near the major railway stations and outside popular shops. For instance:

Battersea: Make the Falcon Road railway underpass (pictured above) safe for pedestrians and cyclists

Putney: Install a dedicated cycle lane on Roehampton Lane

Tooting: Make Mitcham Road safe for shoppers and pedestrians by widening the pavement

Author: Wandsworth Labour

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