The Government’s response to Coronavirus has failed local people

Wandsworth Council’s Adult Care and Health Committee met on Tuesday, June 16 to discuss the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on Wandsworth and how the council’s staff have responded to and managed the response to the crisis.

The borough’s adults teams, NHS and care home staff as well as volunteers have all done their best during a difficult time, however their jobs have been made all the more difficult because the response to the crisis was dictated from the Government.

As a result, the ability of council staff to respond was slowed down and made more complicated, all at a time when local residents were in most need of these vital services. The Government has failed to keep its citizens safe.

During tonight’s committee we heard how failings such as Government guidance changing on a daily basis, a lack of testing for those returning to care homes, insufficient quantities of PPE for front-line care workers, a lack of clear and simple testing and tracing and local expert knowledge of Wandsworth’s adult population and care needs being passed because of the Government’s centralised effort all hampered Wandsworth’s efforts to respond effectively to the crisis.

Labour Councillor Annamarie Critchard urged the Cabinet Member to join her in writing to the Prime Minister and Secretary of State for Health and Social Care to express these concerns, to highlight issues faced in Wandsworth and to offer suggestions on the approach for the expected second wave of COVID-19.

Commenting on the meeting this evening Councillor Annamarie Critchard, Wandsworth Labour’s Adult Care and Health lead, said: “We can see that the Government’s response to the pandemic has failed local people and some have paid the ultimate price for this failure- their lives” adding “Wandsworth residents cannot be failed again.”

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