Cleaner air, greener and safer neighbourhoods


Our parks and green spaces are enjoyed by so many and contribute to making Wandsworth such a great place to live and bring up a family.

We will treasure these places and strive to make our parks, our streets and our air as clean as they can be.

We will make our streets healthier by tackling toxic air quality. We’ll work with London Mayor, Sadiq Khan, to introduce clean buses, create clean air zones around all our schools and increase electric car use with charging points on every road.

We’ll protect our parks, commons and green spaces and we oppose the expansion of Heathrow airport.

We will make our residential streets safer and more friendly for pedestrians and cyclists.

Safer streets also means having more front line police officers. They tackle anti-social behaviour, graffiti and littering as well as being eyes and ears in protecting us against more serious crimes. We will work closely on this issue with Sadiq Khan.

Wandsworth Council recycles less of its waste than almost every other London Borough: just 27% – barely half the London average of 52%.

We can and must do better. But the tired and out of touch Tories are not up to the job. Labour’s dynamic team have ambitious plans to make the borough cleaner, greener and safer.

Wandsworth Labour guarantees your weekly bin collection will continue. It’s a top priority to clean up our streets and tackle fly tipping. Fly-tipping has tripled in recent years. We will have a no-tolerance approach and will prosecute the small number of people who do not respect our neighbourhoods and open spaces.

We’ll give every resident a free bulky waste collection from their home once a year. We are looking at ways of recycling food waste and reducing our use of plastic.

We are exploring ways of setting up a green energy network to reduce bills. We’ll make grants available to install solar panels on all schools and council buildings. Wandsworth will be a zero-carbon borough by 2050.

The Tories have talked big on the environment for many years but lack the ambition or resolve to make a difference. Labour’s experienced team have the drive and the vision to make Wandsworth a better place to live.

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