Wandsworth Labour does not support Formula E in Battersea Park


Wandsworth Labour councillors will not support the return of Formula E to Battersea Park next summer.

Councillor Rex Osborn, Wandsworth Labour leader, said: “We feel that the Conservative council are trying to steamroller through a decision to welcome Formula E back to Battersea Park against the very strong opposition by local residents who feel this is absolutely not the right event to be hosted in this Grade II listed park.

“There is a long list of ways in which Formula E did not organise the event in the way they had promised and we don’t feel that very much would improve if it happens again.”

A council report showed that 62% of local residents opposed the event and there were very serious concerns about safety, noise and lengthy disruption to Battersea Park during three normally busy summer weeks.

The event proved far more disruptive to Battersea Park users than was anticipated, according to local groups, a large petition and the council’s own public consultation.

Wandsworth councillors will make the decision on the future of Formula E in Battersea Park at a Town Hall committee meeting on November 24.

Formula E had promised an environmentally significant event with a short set-up and take-down time. However the event was beset with problems including: lack of consultation with residents; a much longer and more disruptive and unsafe set-up time; more reduced access to the park than expected; heavy machinery to create the concrete race barriers; excessive noise from loudspeakers and helicopters.

There had been plans to increase provision of electric power points in the borough and directly support the use of electric cars, but this has not happened. Wandsworth Labour remains very supportive the development of electric vehicles and appreciates the environmental aims of Formula E. While the races proved an enjoyable event for those who attended, Battersea Park is not the right venue for a motor racing event of this scale.

Councillor Fleur Anderson, Community Services Committee Spokesperson said: “Wandsworth Council needs to take consultations with residents seriously and if they do so, they cannot continue with this event.”

“We have had a steady stream of emails from local residents opposing this event very strongly and claiming that they have not had any response from the Leader of the Council. The council has also not said how it would spend the revenue from the event, so residents cannot put up with this amount of disruption to their local park if they cannot see any benefit.”


Councillor Tony Belton’s Latchmere May Newsletter (# 49)

Can local Councillors make a difference? Yes they can….

Queenstown Labour at STORM

At the STORM annual peace concert: Cllr Wendy Speck and Will Martindale

See the video here: http://vimeo.com/13797400

STORM was established in 2004 with one simple aim – to help single mothers who needed support.  STORM is committed to addressing social issues such as poverty, long-term unemployment, and youth crime.

STORM works to help

  • Abused women and single mothers gain the confidence and support they need to find their way in to the work force
  • People who have been dependent on benefits for many years, to access the education and support necessary to get back to work
  • Young people – steering them away from knife and gun crime – giving them the opportunity and motivation to change their lives.
  • Create community cohesion

Find out more about STORM here:


Street Parties In Battersea and Tooting

Parties at Savona and Sellincourt Road

More Pictures from Tooting here…


The flotilla at The Waterfront, Battersea, BATCA Funday, and the Heart Radio girls in Loubet Street

The Olympics come to Battersea: The good news & and the bad news

By Cllr. Simon Hogg

This week I was excited to tour the Olympic Park. As I missed out on tickets to the athletics, this is the closest I will get!

There is good and bad news about the Olympic effect here in Battersea


1. An Olympic-only lane (official vehicles only 7am to 7pm) will run along York Road/ Battersea Park Road/ Nine Elms Lane. Bus stops will be moved, there will be parking and loading suspensions and several turns will be prohibited. Please consult this very useful map for details. There is further information about Wandsworth on this Transport for London site and the official Olympic Travel Advice site.

2. Battersea Power Station will be used as an Olympic base for the police – so up to 550 police vehicles a day will be travelling in and out of the site. 12,000 police officers from around the country will use ‘Camp Battersea’ for briefings.


1. There is likely to be a drop in crime around Battersea Power Station during the Olympics due to all the police!

2. Wandsworth is hosting two Olympic road cycle races and also has an evening torch relay event. More information on Simon’s blog:


Wandsworth Public Disorder Inquiry – Meeting Dates

Wandsworth Council  is holding three public meetings to discuss the riots and their consequences. The first meeting is tonight.

September 12 – Battersea Arts Centre, 6.30pm – 8.30pm.

September 13 – Samaj Hall, 26b Tooting High Street, 6.30pm – 8.30pm.

September 19 – Wandsworth Civic Suite. 7pm – 9pm.


Unions, health professionals and patients from across Battersea will this weekend join with Battersea Labour Party and supporters to highlight how the Tory-led government’s Health and Social Care Bill is set to damage our NHS.

With the Bill back before Parliament next week, the campaigning street stall taking place at Wandsworth Town Rail Station on Saturday 3rd September, will warn the public that the NHS remains under threat, despite ‘superficial’ changes announced after the government’s recent ‘listening exercise’. The plans, led by David Cameron’s Tories and backed by LibDem MPs at Parliament, will see more privatisation, and millions of pounds of taxpayers’ money wasted on bureaucracy instead of patient care.

Andrew Fearn who has organised the events said: “The NHS is not safe in David Cameron’s hands and nobody should be fooled by the superficial changes announced after the so-called listening exercise. The health service is already being pushed to breaking point and this wasteful reorganisation is simply a recipe for chaos. So we’re calling on Jane Ellison MP to do the right thing and vote against Cameron’s dangerous plans.”

John Healey MP, Labour’s Shadow Health Secretary added: “The Tory-led Health Bill is a massive threat to the NHS that we know and love. With the plans about to come back before Parliament, we’re calling on the people of Battersea to join our national campaign to stop David Cameron’s government from destroying our NHS.”

Susan Elliott, local resident said: “People here in Battersea are already starting to see the impact of the government’s plans for the NHS, through the loss of 500 jobs and the cap on maternity admissions at St Georges Hospital in Tooting. Allowing this Bill to become law will make matters far worse.”

Paul Kenny, GMB General Secretary said: “The Tories in government claim that the private sector is more cost effective in providing quality health and social care despite all the evidence that this is not the case. The private sector sunk Southern Cross care homes for 31,000 elderly and vulnerable residents. And as is well known, healthcare in the US, delivered by the private sector, costs double what it costs in the UK with no better outcomes.”

Dave Prentis, UNISON General Secretary said: “Our health service is under siege. If anyone thinks that the NHS is safe in the Coalition’s hands – they better think again. The Health and Social Care Bill is a Trojan horse bringing in private health companies to take over our health service. In Tory-ward, money talks and if patients don’t have the cash they will find themselves waiting at the end of a very long queue.”

Len McCluskey, Unite General Secretary said: “We cannot allow the privatisation of the NHS. The coalition promised an NHS safe in their hands. They lied. More than 50,000 jobs will go and waiting times are up. With this bill, profit-grabbing private healthcare companies will have carte blanche to dismantle the NHS street by street. The promise of universal access at the point of need for all, regardless of the ability to pay will be crushed.”

Labour Links With Battersea Clean Up Campaigns

Battersea Labour Party has linked up with the organisers of the Riot Clean Up at Clapham Junction in an effort to turn the amazing good will of the ‘broom army’ into lasting good works for the local community.

After Battersea Labour party held an open public meeting about the riots at York Gardens Library local Labour Leader Cllr. Osborn said “There were some frightening stories, but what shone through was the determination that we must all pull together. We are now working with local people to set up a Residents’ Association on the Winstanley Estate and supporting their work to set up professional internship scheme for local teenagers.’

The first project is to clean out a community garden on Doddington Estate that had been overgrown and out of use to residents for many years. More than 40 volunteers turned up on the Saturday after the riots (August 13) to help give children a new place to play and adults the satisfaction of growing their own organic food.

Latest news on community campaigns @riotremedy: http://twitter.com/#!/riotremedy

Labour Welcomes Battersea Community Action After Riots

Rex Osborn, Leader of Wandsworth Labour Group, has praised the Council and Battersea Labour Party for bringing together the community after the recent riots in Clapham Junction. He said ‘It’s great to see people coming forward with ideas to help the traders whose shops have been looted. I have spoken to the police – they are asking for anyone who may have pictures of people involved in the looting or have seen stolen goods to contact them.’

Local people who attended the Battersea Buzz meeting suggested fundraising events for victims of the rioting such as a fun run and a music or variety show. There were also ideas about offering apprenticeships in local shops and people giving up time to help youngsters with reading and writing. But some of the proposals such as an increase in police foot patrols in the area, more youth workers and the re-opening of youth clubs are unlikely to be on the Tories’ list of priorities.

In a separate event Battersea Labour party held an open public meeting at York Gardens Library on August 20. The Party wanted to provide an opportunity for every part of the local community, largely but not only from the council estates, to voice their concerns, hopes and fears. Fifty local residents turned up on the day. During an hour in open discussion and about 30 minutes in small working groups they covered subjects ranging from policing to family life, poverty, their community and more.

 Battersea Labour party has produced booklet with full notes on the meeting and advice on how to get further involved in the community. If you want to find out more, please contact battersealabourparty@gmail.com

Councillor Calls For Justice In Riot Eviction Case

In response to Wandsworth Council’s eviction order of an alleged looter, his mother and eight year old sister local Battersea Councillor Tony Belton said: “I was appalled by the rioting in Clapham Junction, where I have lived for more than 30 years. Those found guilty should be jailed and will carry the shame with them for the rest of their lives.
“Yet the council leader has chosen to ignore the basic principles of justice in a rush for newspaper headlines. If Daniel Sartain-Clarke is guilty he should face the full force of the law. What is completely unfair is Cllr Govindia judging this young man guilty before he has faced any trial – and then vindictively threatening to make his mother and a blameless eight-year-old child homeless as extra punishment.
“Maite de la Calva, Daniel’s mother, works hard to support members of her community in the Shaftesbury Christian Centre. Throwing Maite and her eight-year-old daughter out of their home will weaken this neighbourhood, not make it stronger. This morning, before visiting Maite, I joined dozens of volunteers from across London in clearing out the community garden on the Doddington Estate. In the horrible aftermath of the riots it is important that we all work to repair the fabric of society and remain true to the basic safeguards of our legal system.”

Legal opinion is here:


More on the story here: