Labour Links With Battersea Clean Up Campaigns

Battersea Labour Party has linked up with the organisers of the Riot Clean Up at Clapham Junction in an effort to turn the amazing good will of the ‘broom army’ into lasting good works for the local community.

After Battersea Labour party held an open public meeting about the riots at York Gardens Library local Labour Leader Cllr. Osborn said “There were some frightening stories, but what shone through was the determination that we must all pull together. We are now working with local people to set up a Residents’ Association on the Winstanley Estate and supporting their work to set up professional internship scheme for local teenagers.’

The first project is to clean out a community garden on Doddington Estate that had been overgrown and out of use to residents for many years. More than 40 volunteers turned up on the Saturday after the riots (August 13) to help give children a new place to play and adults the satisfaction of growing their own organic food.

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Labour Welcomes Battersea Community Action After Riots

Rex Osborn, Leader of Wandsworth Labour Group, has praised the Council and Battersea Labour Party for bringing together the community after the recent riots in Clapham Junction. He said ‘It’s great to see people coming forward with ideas to help the traders whose shops have been looted. I have spoken to the police – they are asking for anyone who may have pictures of people involved in the looting or have seen stolen goods to contact them.’

Local people who attended the Battersea Buzz meeting suggested fundraising events for victims of the rioting such as a fun run and a music or variety show. There were also ideas about offering apprenticeships in local shops and people giving up time to help youngsters with reading and writing. But some of the proposals such as an increase in police foot patrols in the area, more youth workers and the re-opening of youth clubs are unlikely to be on the Tories’ list of priorities.

In a separate event Battersea Labour party held an open public meeting at York Gardens Library on August 20. The Party wanted to provide an opportunity for every part of the local community, largely but not only from the council estates, to voice their concerns, hopes and fears. Fifty local residents turned up on the day. During an hour in open discussion and about 30 minutes in small working groups they covered subjects ranging from policing to family life, poverty, their community and more.

 Battersea Labour party has produced booklet with full notes on the meeting and advice on how to get further involved in the community. If you want to find out more, please contact

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