Council U Turn on Garden Waste

After years of campaigning by Labour to get free collection for small amounts of garden waste, there is finally good news for residents.

The Council’s website now says: ‘Reasonable quantities of garden waste can be collected free of charge – just put it in tied refuse sacks and/or dustbins along with other domestic rubbish for collection.  Please note that where crews find more than five sacks of garden waste, they have been instructed to refer the matter back to the Council, which may decide that the quantity presented constitutes a bulk clearance for which collection charges apply.’

Previously a £15 charge for collection was applied to all garden waste, even small amounts. Graveney Ward Councillor Andy Gibbons said: ‘ A while ago I spoke to an older resident in my area who loves gardening but said she simply couldn’t pay the council to take away her garden rubbish and didn’t have the space to compost all her clippings. So I’m pleased that this stealth tax has been removed and I’m sure Wandsworth’s residents will be too’


Cllrs. Leonie Cooper and Sheila Boswell

Labour councillors are joining angry residents and business owners in Wandsworth in calling for answers regarding Wandsworth Council’s poor management of refuse collection and street cleaning.

Many streets across the borough were left strewn with rubbish and uncollected refuse sacks this week, as the Council failed to inform residents of changes to their collections.

This unforeseen change occurred because the Council was forced to hand over the contract for waste collection to a new company, following the collapse of the second provider in a row.

This has led not only to a change in the day of collection, but also means the schedule for street cleaning now no longer ties in with that of waste collection – but none of this has been adequately conveyed to Wandsworth residents.

Labour strongly believes this situation has arisen due to Wandsworth Council’s poor management and financial incompetence, and that this disruption to service could have been avoided entirely.

Cllr Leonie Cooper said,

“Given the Conservative administration’s poor management, it is no surprise that residents have commented on the deterioration in the service received, as corners have seemingly been cut. This approach does not save money in the long run, as now we have seen the second company in a row go into administration. This is leaving Wandsworth residents at a great disadvantage, as uncollected waste, dirty streets and dog fouling are left to build up across the borough.”

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