900 Potholes Unrepaired In Wandsworth Last Year

By Alexandra Rucki Wandsworth Guardian

One in eight potholes reported to the council were not repaired over the last 12 months. A Wandsworth Council report showed 6,561 holes were filled in, despite 7,498 being reported. A breakdown of each ward shows 63 pot holes remain untended in Graveney and 57 in Bedford.  pothole

Southfields was riddled with the most holes, with 702 recorded within the past year. Wandsworth Council defended their repair record, pointing to harsh winters having a detrimental effect on the condition of the 200 miles of roads across the borough.

The opposition Labour party argued the council is neglecting to fulfil basic duties.

Councillor Rex Osborn, the group’s leader, said: “The state of Wandsworth’s roads is appalling – and we now know that there are almost 1000 reported potholes which have not been filled.  Filling potholes is one of the council’s most basic statutory duties, a duty which it is failing to fulfil. Not only is the poor state of the roads causing damage to residents’ vehicles, but it’s also putting cyclists’ lives in danger. The council needs to buck up its act and get on top of this backlog urgently.”

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Make this by-election an SOS NHS referendum

By Josh Kaile

Labour’s Candidate in Southfields

I’m standing for election to be your local Southfields council because I want to serve my – our – patch. I think the Conservatives have taken Southfields for granted for far too long and the area will benefit not at all from sending another one to the town hall. But the by-election isn’t happening in a vacuum.

Nationally, the Conservatives are pushing through a simply crazy bill to reorganise the NHS: a bill that will cost billions, create even more bureaucracy and more acute post-code lotteries for NHS services. At the last election the Conservatives promised there would be no major reorganisations of the NHS. They lied: this bill, which is opposed by all the associations of medical professionals and experts is about as big a change as there can be.

And while they’re wasting their time and our money on this unnecessary bill, waiting times – cut down so significantly by Labour – are again rising. Nurses and doctors are losing their jobs. Hospitals are closing, or under threat of closure. Hospital trusts are falling into debt. Well not me.

I’m proud of our NHS. I was born at St George’s Hospital. I want to see it do better: patients treated more quickly to a higher standard. The Conservatives have lost sight of what government should be about: improving the health service.

If you want to stop this worrying shake-up of the NHS, make sure you vote Labour: the only party that can be trusted on the NHS on Thursday 29th March.

Southfields Ward Holds By-election

Following the resignation of Cllr. Lucy Allan, there will be a by-election held in Southfields ward. The election date must be announced within 35 days of a vacancy being declared, according to the Council’s Chief Executive. The date nominated is 29th March.

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