Tooting Street Drink Ban Starts This Week

From Alex Rucki Wandsworth Guardian

An order which bans street drinking in specific parts of the borough has launched this week. 

The Tooting designated public place order gives police officers the power to instruct people to stop drinking in designated public places, as well as confiscate their alcohol.Anyone who refuses could face an on-the-spot fine or even legal action.

Tooting High Street, Upper Tooting Road and Streatham Cemetery are affected by the plans, which will remain in place for 12 months from July 30. Over the past week outreach workers have been out in Tooting offering support to street drinkers and encouraging them to go to health clinics.

They are then given a basic check and directed towards further help, with many of the drinkers often found to be homeless. There have already been 15 people contacted and three of these have gone on to have further sessions.

Graveney ward councillor, Councillor Billi Randall, said: “For many years Labour’s Councillors have been concerned that the town centre has been blighted by some very intransigent street drinkers and this should see the problem really tackled.

“There is an enforcement element to the DPPO, but the intention is to be able to directly tackle people’s problems as well as to stop the anti-social behaviour associated with street-drinking.”

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Tooting Residents Sign Our Petition Against Police Cuts

Cllr. Billi Randall with local residents

Tooting’s Labour Councillors are concerned that our local Safer Neighbourhood police team (SNT) has been operating under strength over the last 6 months. We call on Boris Johnson and the Metropolitan Police Authority to work with the Borough Commander to ensure that these cuts are reversed and our police teams are returned to a proper operational level.

To sign the petition, click the link below:

Street drinkers targeted under new plan

Tooting’s Labour Councillors are supporting a plan to deal with problem street drinkers in Tooting and Graveney. The council and police are proposing to make outside public places in parts of the two wards, including Tooting High Street, alcohol free zones.

The scheme, which starts next Monday, comes in response to increasing reports from members of the public about a hardcore group of street drinkers, who are the source of alcohol-related antisocial behaviour such as fighting, intimidation and urinating in public.

It would give constables and police community support officers the power to instruct people to stop drinking in designated public places – and if necessary confiscate their alcohol. Anyone refusing could face an on-the spot fine or prosecution in the magistrates court.

The zone, which will remain in place for 12 months, would cover Tooting High Street, Upper Tooting Road and extend south west to include Lambeth Cemetery, north west to include Streatham Cemetery and south east to include Rectory Lane (the proposed area can be seen in the map above).

Wandsworth Council believes the alcohol free zone would help businesses in the area, as owners and employees have reported that they have suffered a loss of trade due to customers being put off by street drinkers outside shops.

The council, NHS Wandsworth and local police safer neighbourhood team have attempted to curb the problems caused by street drinkers by trying to help enrol them in alcohol treatment programmes.

Later this month and for a period of several weeks, outreach workers from local drug and alcohol services – working closely with the police – will encourage people in street drinking groups to attend specially established drop in surgeries so that their overall health can be assessed and they can receive the help they need to control their drinking.

Meanwhile, police have, where appropriate, referred street drinkers with housing issues to London Street Rescue, which has resulted in them either being housed or given temporary shelter.

An alcohol free zone is essentially a Designated Public Place Order (DPPO) – contained in The Criminal Justice and Police Act 2001 and designed to tackle nuisance and annoyance caused by the consumption of alcohol in public places.


London 2012 Olympic Torch Relay Evening Celebration: Wandsworth
23 July 2012 – 23 July 2012
Tooting Bec Common, London

Additional time and date information:
23 Jul 2012
5:00 PM – 7:30 PM


Programme: Olympic Torch Relay


Contact information



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Street Parties In Battersea and Tooting

Parties at Savona and Sellincourt Road

More Pictures from Tooting here…

The flotilla at The Waterfront, Battersea, BATCA Funday, and the Heart Radio girls in Loubet Street

Wandsworth: Better Off With Ken

Ken with Labour's GLA Candidate Leonie Cooper

Ken Livingstone promised people in Wandsworth they will be £1,000 richer if they vote him in May.

He pledged to reverse cuts to the police and to freeze transport fares for commuters in Wandsworth.

Mr Livingstone also said he would bring back the Educational Maintenance Allowance (EMA) for youngsters in higher education.

The mayoral candidate hoping for a third term in City Hall was launching his Better Off With Ken campaign outside Tooting Broadway station yesterday, delivering his manifesto while standing on a soapbox.

Katharine Birbalsingh postpones free school opening

A free school being set up by the Tories’ star teacher, Katharine Birbalsingh, will not open this year as planned. 

Birbalsingh gave a blistering speech to the Conservative party conference in 2010 in which she attacked dumbed-down standards in exams and “chaos” in classrooms.

She illustrated her speech with pictures of pupils at her then school, St Michael and All Angels C of E Academy in south London. Soon after the speech, she left the school. The school itself closed last year.

Birbalsingh had planned to open a secondary school, the Michaela community school, in Tooting, south London, this September, but she has failed to secured her preferred location.

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Stephen Twigg writes here:

Sadiq Sets Up Tooting Road Safety Website

A new website has been set up by Sadiq Khan MP to help pedestrians, cyclists and other vulnerable road users to map accidents and potential danger spots in and around the Tooting constituency.
The aim is to not just identify areas where accidents have occurred, but use local intelligence to identify dangerous locations where an accident is likely in the future.

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And here is a link to Wandsworth Living Streets, who are campaigning for a 20mph speed limit:

The Michaela School – Second Best For Tooting

As local councillors we have thought long and hard about the issues raised by the proposed new ‘free’ school in Tooting. Graveney councillors have been to the consultation meeting and spoken to local residents, parents and businesses in the Trident centre.

We recognise and respect the desire of local parents for more school places. Local people want more local secondary school places but the most practical way of providing such places is through expansion and increased resources at established local, successful, schools like Chestnut Grove and Graveney. Both schools lost out when the Building Schools for the Future funds were cut by the current government, calling a halt to expansion plans.

We do not want local parents left in the lurch by promises of a school that doesn’t happen. The Michaela Community School (MCS) proposal to occupy the Trident Business Centre site has not been planned or thought through. Even if it could meet its September 2012 deadline – at present the owners of the site have not  been given a realistic offer of purchase, nor has planning permission been applied for – it will offer places across a 10 mile area, selected by lottery. So local children in Tooting will have little chance of getting a place.

Even free schools have to be in the right place with the right facilities. If a free school is set up anywhere then we have a duty to make sure it has the highest possible standards and resources. The Trident Business Centre is a poor site for a school. Converting the site would be costly, would jeopardise hundreds of local jobs – over 400 – and would cause great disruption to commerce, traffic and local people in the area round Bickersteth Road.

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