Election 2014: Wandsworth Council opposition leader Rex Osborn says Labour can keep council tax low and stop cuts

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Labour’s Pledges for Wandsworth

1. Low council tax and value for money.
Both parties support low council tax. The difference is that the Tories waste £3 million of your money on bonuses for Town Hall bosses. Labour says that money should be used to ensure you get the high quality services you deserve. Lbour-rose
2. Keeping you safe
Labour is campaigning hard for all residential streets to have a 20mph limit.  We will also bring back lollipop wardens outside schools. Labour brought back local police teams, which the Tories have since slashed.
3. Supporting local shops, pubs and the community
Labour’s “save our high street” campaign has forced  the government to finally give council powers to tackle about betting chains taking over valued local shops. We’re fighting Wandsworth Tories’ foot-dragging over saving the Wheatsheaf pub at Tooting Bec. We will re-open the One o’clock Clubs closed by the Tories at Bolingbroke, Coronation Gardens, Windmill and Alton. And we’d recruit  new frontline enforcement staff to tackle fly tipping, littering and dog fouling.
4. Addressing London’s housing crisis
Nationally, Labour will introduce 3-year rental contracts to protect tenants from unaffordable rent rises, ban letting agent fees and get house building moving again. The Tories are standing by while rents go up 10% a year. Wandsworth Labour would create 1000 additional homes for social rent, freeze rent for council tenants until 2016 and bring it into line with the rest of London.
5. Tackling the cost of living crisis
For years now, prices have gone up faster than most people’s wages. A Labour government would freeze energy prices and provide more help with childcare. The out-of-touch Tories are denying that there’s a problem. Wandsworth Labour supports the London Living Wage.


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Promoted by D J Bellamy on behalf of Tooting Labour Party,
both at 273 Balham High Road, London, SW17 7BD
Published and promoted by Sean Lawless on behalf of 
Battersea Labour Party, 
both at 177 Lavender Hill, Battersea, London, SW11 5TE
Promoted by Fiona McLachlan on behalf of Putney Labour Party. 
Both at 35 Felsham Road London SW15 1AY

Save Our High Streets!

Wandsworth Labour Group will put forward a proposal to protect our high streets at next Wednesday’s Council meeting. Town centres

‘This Council notes the tremendous contribution made by our Town Centre Managers to the five Town Centres spread across the Borough – Tooting, Balham, Clapham Junction, Wandsworth Town and Putney. The challenges they have faced in addressing the need to maintain and improve our Town Centres are not to be under-estimated and they have worked hard to maximise vibrancy.

Maintaining a diverse and thriving range of shops giving the current level of applications for betting shops is proving difficult, and this Council is concerned that improvements seen to our Town Centres over recent years might be threatened.

This Council resolves:

1.) To retain and support the team of Town Centre Managers, who have developed close relationships with local businesses and are best placed to maintain and oversee further improvement in our Town Centres;

2.) To work closely with the Police, as an adequate police presence is required to deter pickpockets and street robbery, and to deal with anti-social behaviour;

3.) To instruct officers to investigate options for increasing staff able to issue Fixed Penalty Notices for littering, dog fouling, fly-tipping and parking offences;

4.) To closely scrutinise applications by gambling outlets and payday lenders – ensuring our High Streets are not over-run with betting offices and slot machines.’

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Tories Reject 20 Is Plenty for Wandsworth

Last night Wandsworth Conservatives voted against Labour’s proposals for limiting speeds on residential streets to 20mph. Here’s what they turned down:20mph_photo_1

‘This Council notes that already over 12 million people live in local authorities which are adopting or have adopted the policy of 20mph being the default speed limit on residential streets. Those communities have decided that “20’s Plenty Where People Live” – and it is those same communities who have then changed their behaviour to drive more slowly in residential streets where people live, walk and cycle.

Instead of considering one by one the numerous petitions submitted by people from all over the Borough, this Council agrees to instruct the Director of Environment and Community Services to submit a report to the relevant OSC and the Executive to introduce a 20mph default speed limit on our residential urban streets. This will be implemented on most streets without the need for any expensive physical calming measures, although it is noted that on some streets it may be appropriate to have a higher limit based on the road, vulnerable road users provision already installed, etc. But any limit above 20mph should be a considered decision based on local circumstances, with the new default Borough limit being 20mph.’

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If you don’t hear anything in the next week, please email councillor Simon Hogg at shogg@wandsworth.gov.uk.

Labour Calls On Wandsworth Tories To Join Campaign to Save Lavender Hill Police Station


Labour councillors challenged the Conservative administration at last week’s meeting of Wandsworth Council over the dangerous triple threat of cuts to council community safety teams, huge national police cuts and the threatened closure of local police stations.

Rex Osborn

Labour councillors called a debate on cuts to the council’s community safety teams, which are to be slashed by 25%.

During the debate, Cllr Rex Osborn, Leader of the Labour Group, brought silence to the Conservative benches when it was revealed they were clueless over the potential threat to Lavender Hill police station, which Labour have been raising concerns over for some time.

A response to questioning by Labour councillors also revealed that Wandsworth’s police Safer Neighbourhood Teams are currently understaffed by a staggering 31 PCSOs. No firm assurances were offered as to when and how this problem would be rectified.

In the context of 20% cuts to policing nationally, and a known 1,200 officers lost between 2010-12 in London alone under Boris Johnson, Labour is concerned about the risk this poses to community cohesion and safety.

Cllr Osborn, Leader of the Labour Group, said: “The Council’s own paper acknowledges that community safety is a priority for the residents of Wandsworth – yet it still plans to push ahead with cuts to its front line community safety staff. At the same time, it refuses to acknowledge that the future of Lavender Hill police station is in doubt, in spite of confirmation from the Mayor of London’s office that it has been pre-approved for closure and disposal.

“Given that Lavender Hill station is just metres away from one of the worst affected areas by last summer’s riots, Wandsworth residents rightly expect their Council to fight for its future now – rather than wait until a decision to sell it off has been finalised.

“Although Labour councillors understand that cuts need to be made during these difficult economic times, we would prioritise and protect community safety services – as residents have told us they would want us to – and find savings elsewhere.”

Michael Gove pushed through sales of Elliott school playing fields against official advice

From The Daily Telegraph http://www.telegraph.co.uk/journalists/christopher-hope/

Michael Gove has ignored the opposition of the School Playing Fields Advisory Panel to approve sell-offs five times in the past 15 months, documents show. It has also emerged that the number of sales given the go-ahead by Mr Gove is far higher than the amount admitted by the Coalition this month. 
Mr Gove apologised for publishing the wrong figures, saying he had been given incorrect information by his officials.
They show that the panel, which must by law give a recommendation on all sales before ministers make their final decision, received 35 applications to sell school playing fields between May 18, 2010 and July 22, 2012. Of these, 30 sales were approved by ministers, two were rejected, one was withdrawn and two are outstanding. The decisions were mostly taken by Lord Hill, the education minister, on behalf of Mr Gove. The documents show that Mr Gove overruled recommendations not to sell school playing fields five times between February 2011 and July this year, more than for the previous nine years.
The overruled decisions were to sell fields at Woodhouse Middle School in Staffordshire, Clarborough Primary School in Nottinghamshire, Elliott School in Wandsworth, south-west London, and Ingleton Middle School in North Yorkshire.

Full story here: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/education/keep-the-flame-alive/9481037/Keep-The-Flame-Alive-School-playing-fields-at-risk-as-ministers-relax-building-rules.html

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Queenstown Labour at STORM

At the STORM annual peace concert: Cllr Wendy Speck and Will Martindale

See the video here: http://vimeo.com/13797400

STORM was established in 2004 with one simple aim – to help single mothers who needed support.  STORM is committed to addressing social issues such as poverty, long-term unemployment, and youth crime.

STORM works to help

  • Abused women and single mothers gain the confidence and support they need to find their way in to the work force
  • People who have been dependent on benefits for many years, to access the education and support necessary to get back to work
  • Young people – steering them away from knife and gun crime – giving them the opportunity and motivation to change their lives.
  • Create community cohesion

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