Families with children will be worst affected by falling incomes study finds

Grim predictions for UK family finances up to 2015 revealed in new evidence produced by the Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS) for the Family and Parenting Institute (FPI)

The median income among families with children is projected to fall between 2010 and 2015 by 4.2%. For a couple with two children this equates to £1,250 less a year by 2015

Families with children aged under five, families with more than two children, and lone parent families not in paid work bear the biggest financial pain in years ahead

An Institute for Fiscal Studies report, commissioned by the Family and Parenting Institute, is the first to reveal the prospects for poverty rates and income for different family types up to the year 2015.

Read the report here:


Wandsworth’s Education and Children’s Services Take £5m Hit

Labour has asked Wandsworth’s Tories to think again after they put forward proposals to slash almost £5m from the budgets of Schools’ and Youth services, resulting in a loss of 36 jobs. The cuts will affect the poorest areas of the borough – the Alton and Ashburton estates in Roehampton and Latchmere and Queenstown wards in Battersea.
Youth facilities at the Asburton Estate in Putney will have funding withdrawn and one of two centres for younger children on the Alton Estate will be closed. In Battersea funding for the Providence youth club, Generate, which provides for disabled young people, and The Islamic Youth Group is being reduced and will cease in 2013. The Doddington Estate will be affected with the closure of the Doddington Activity centre.
Delegations of young people, youth workers and community activists spoke passionately at Thursday’s council committee meeting. Young people feared that closure of their clubs would lead to more children hanging around on the streets and an increase in violence. Community workers were concerned that without training and professional support volunteers would be unable to fill the gap left by the reduction in full-time staff.
Amongst school services cut will be support for children looked after by the council, the Home and Hospital Tuition Service, which supports children who cannot attend school because of illness, and the Education Welfare Service which helps improve children’s attendance at school.
Cllr. Andy Gibbons said ‘At a time when there is serious concern over the future of young people in this country is it wrong to lose these valuable services and resources. And there is no denying that these cuts hit, once again, the poorest communities in the Borough.’
Cllr Rex Osborn said ‘We have invited the Tories to join with us in a discussion about how some of these cuts to services can be averted. We want them to look at setting up Cooperative groups and Mutual organisations like those proposed in Lambeth.’ 

Bolingbroke Sponsors Give In On Falconbrook Admissions

ARK, the hedge-fund backed charity which is sponsoring the Bolingbroke Academy in north Battersea, has decided to include Falconbrook in the school’s catchment area. A range of objectors including Falconbrook parents, Wandsworth Save Our Schools and Wandsworth Labour Group responded to ARK’s admissions consultation, which excluded the local primary from the named feeder schools. Labour said it would find any proposals which did not include the primary ‘unacceptable’ after Wandsworth council’s own report stated that  bringing in Falconbrook would make the Academy more representative of the social and ethnic diversity of the borough.