Ambitious for everyone


Wandsworth is a fantastic place to live. Its strong, diverse communities represent the best of modern London.

But with Conservatives in control locally and nationally, people are feeling the strain. The Conservatives once claimed to run a tight ship here, but they’ve become stuck in a tired and self-serving rut. They are trapped in a mind set that knows the cost of everything and the value of nothing.

When our most vulnerable residents need more protection than ever, the Tories have instead prioritised their relationships with property developers and lobbyists.

Wandsworth is now at a crossroads. Continue with a council with the wrong priorities and no new ideas – or choose a dynamic team, with fresh ideas and a radically different vision built on fairness and common sense.

As our neighbourhoods change, we need a council with the right values. And as London grows as a global city, we need a fresh, practical approach that harnesses potential without creating imbalance or division.

Only Labour offers this.

Labour will keep Council Tax low – because it’s not right to ask those who are struggling to pay more. We’ll freeze Council Tax this year and next year. We’ll open up the books, cancel wasteful contracts and cut councillors’ expenses as a sign of our intent and to help pay for much needed services. And we’ll work with local people to protect high streets, provide the homes our communities want, and stop Wandsworth being a soft touch for developers.

Labour’s team is principled, experienced and successful.  We’ll put fairness first and stand up to powerful interests. Genuinely affordable homes for local people will be our top priority. Our experienced team has strong plans for clean air and greener neighbourhoods.

We’ll match competence with compassion, protect neighbourhoods and support those who need it.

We will be ambitious for everyone, act with integrity and work tirelessly to make Wandsworth a place with high quality schools and healthcare where families can thrive now and into the future.  It starts today.

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Simon Hogg
Leader, Wandsworth Labour

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