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Thursday, 3rd May is election day. Help us make history by winning Wandsworth for the first time in 40 years.

Battersea, Putney and Tooting are the three constituencies in Wandsworth borough. Please pick the campaign HQ that is most convenient for you to get to:


Campaign centres open from 7am until 10pm

  • Flat 3, 6 Battersea Square (SW11 3RA)
  • Flat C Lucas Court, Strasburg Road (SW11 5JF)
  • 177 Lavender Hill (SW11 5TE) Contact: Carmel on 07752 708722


  • Putney Labour Party 35 Felsham Road (SW15 1AY)
    8am to 10pm
    0208 788 8961
  • The Vicarage 146a Lavenham Road (SW18  5EP)
    10am to 10pm
  • 106 Standen Road (SW18 5TG)
    10am to 10pm


Campaign centres open at from 7am until 10pm

  • Balham: 16 Elmfield Road (SW17 8AL)
  • Earlsfield: 25 Littleton Street (SW18 3SZ)

5,218 emergency food parcels given out by Wandsworth Foodbank last year, up 11%

According to figures released today by Wandsworth Foodbank, foodbank use in Wandsworth grew last year by 11%. Over the past 12 months, 5,218 three day emergency food parcels were provided to local people in crisis by Wandsworth Foodbank, compared to 4,712 the previous year. Of this number, 1,897 food parcels went to children.

According to Wandsworth Foodbank, the local increase is “due to people struggling with continued issues with benefit payments, including the impact of the recent roll-out of Universal Credit; insecure and low-paid work; and the difficulty in accessing local government support when financial crisis relates to benefit problems”.

Commenting on the figures, Cllr Simon Hogg, Leader of Wandsworth Labour, said: “Wandsworth Foodbank volunteers do an amazing job. But it’s very sad that we need Foodbanks at all in our community.

“The botched roll-out of universal credit is forcing some of our most vulnerable residents into hunger. Instead of providing support, Wandsworth’s Conservative council is making it harder for people to access emergency payments.

“A Wandsworth Labour council will bring new values, based on fairness and common sense.”

Last year a quarter of those reliant on foodbanks in Wandsworth were children, this year that figure has grown to 36%.

In response to the findings, Wandsworth Foodbank, with Citizens Advice Wandsworth, South West London Law Centres and the Katherine Low Settlement, is calling for Wandsworth Council to deliver high-quality, ongoing support for people claiming Universal Credit locally. The four charities have launched an online petition and are encouraging local people to sign it to show their support.

Ambitious for Children, Schools and Families

The local elections on Thursday May 3rd will give us all a say in the future of Education and Children’s Services in Wandsworth.

Come and hear Jeremy Ambache outline the Labour Party’s ambitious plans for children, schools and families in Wandsworth.

Wandsworth Education Question Time is on Wednesday, April 25 at Balham Baptist Church, 21 Ramsden Road, Balham, London SW12 8QX from 7pm to 9pm – just 5 minutes walk from Balham station. Everyone is welcome.

Services for vulnerable children have been badly neglected under the Tory Council in Wandsworth. When Ofsted inspected them recently, it rated them as Inadequate. The Council has spent £14 million trying to put right these failings. So what difference will a Labour Council make for local children and families?

A Labour Council will campaign to defend local schools from disastrous budget cuts which are causing bigger classes, fewer teachers and a squeeze on resources. Wandsworth schools face cuts of £7 million by 2020.

School funding is controlled by national government but a Labour Council will stand alongside schools and parents in opposing cuts. The current Tory Councillors won’t do this because they support the Tory government’s approach. A Labour council will be on the side of children and families.

Labour wants children’s services in Wandsworth to compare favourably with the best in London – efficient, with great results and properly resourced. Residents deserve that. That means recruiting the very best staff as teachers, headteachers and social workers.  And it means reversing the high turnover of staff caused by neglect of services.  We want Wandsworth to be the employer of first choice for those committed to vital public services.

Wandsworth is fortunate to have many outstanding schools.  They are led by inspirational headteachers and staffed with dedicated professionals. A Labour Council will always focus on academic success for our children. But we can do more. We want a broad curriculum, including cultural education, fitness and sport; as well as the personal and practical skills which are essential for adult life.

Young children are the future of our communities. Sure Start began as a simple, effective way to bring together services for young families (e.g. health, childcare and early learning) within a single programme. Labour will renew the Council’s commitment to Sure Start to give our youngest children the very best start in life.

Young people are our citizens of tomorrow. They achieve highly in our secondary schools. But opportunities for young people in the wider community (including music, sport, performing arts and volunteering) are patchy and uncoordinated. A Labour Council will work closely with young people to put this right. We want to see a proper youth strategy that’s as exciting and imaginative as our teenagers are.

Children’s physical and mental health is a high priority in a city environment. Growing up healthy is often the basis for other successes. Working with parents, schools and local businesses there is much that we can do to give all our children a healthy start. In particular, a Labour Council will prioritise healthy eating, clean air zones, exercise and fitness, and emotional health.

Finally, a Labour Council will reverse the Tory neglect of services for vulnerable children which led inspectors to call them Inadequate. We will prioritise improvement plans and ensure that Children’s Services are rated Good (or even better) under a Labour Council.

Read Wandsworth Labour’s manifesto

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Wandsworth Labour volunteers are out every day listening to local people.

Our next campaign sessions are:


Wednesday, 11 April

11am Meet Balham Station

6pm Battersea Phone Bank
Meet 177 Lavender Hill, SW11 5TE

6pm West Hill ward
Meet Southfields station

6:30pm Queenstown ward
Meet Queenstown Road Station

6:30pm Nightingale ward
Meet Balham station

6:30pm Southfields ward
Meet The Pig and Whistle, 481 Merton Road

Putney Labour Party also have phone canvassing and office duties Monday to Thursday, 12 noon till 5pm at 35 Felsham Rd.


2,300 jobs in Wandsworth at risk from a hard Brexit

Figures published by the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, reveal the full impact that a ‘no deal’ hard Brexit would have on the borough of Wandsworth, with 2,300 jobs potentially under threat. Continue reading “2,300 jobs in Wandsworth at risk from a hard Brexit”

Sadiq Khan: vote Labour on May 3 to get a council that’s ambitious for everyone


As a Mayor for all Londoners, I’ve got big plans to improve life in our city. We need more Labour councillors elected in Wandsworth on 3 May to help me deliver these plans.

I’ve lived in Wandsworth all my life. I was born in St George’s Hospital and grew up on the Henry Prince Estate in Earlsfield. Before becoming Tooting’s MP, I was a Labour councillor for 12 years. I know Labour’s team personally, and support Simon Hogg – who will make an excellent Leader.

Four more years of Conservative domination in our Town Hall would do so much damage to our community. Wandsworth’s Conservative council has been in power for 40 years. It’s just too long. Wandsworth Tory Councillors have stopped listening:

  • They put the interests of property developers ahead of the interests of local people. I was furious that they allowed the developers of Battersea Power Station to cut 250 affordable homes
  • They let down vulnerable children. Failures in child protection led to a terrible Ofsted report for the council. Wandsworth’s Tory council had to spent £14 million of public money to cover these mistakes
  • They can’t keep the streets clean. Fly-tipping incidents have trebled in the last three years. The council’s record on recycling is among the worst in London

A Labour council in Wandsworth will:

  • build the genuinely affordable homes to buy and rent local residents need
  • freeze your council tax this year – and next year
  • help clean up London’s toxic air
  • keep our streets safe with the front-line police officers we need

Like me, many local people are concerned about the impact of Brexit on our community. We can use the vote on May 3 to send the Tory Government a message that we don’t want their chaotic and extreme approach to Brexit.

We need a Labour council that works for all our community in Wandsworth. Vote Labour in the local elections on May 3 to get a listening council that’s ambitious for everyone, not just the privileged few.

Yours sincerely,

Screen Shot 2018-03-25 at 16.51.55

Sadiq Khan
Mayor of London

PS You can register to vote – and sign up for a postal vote – on this Government website 

Affordable homes for local people is Wandsworth Labour’s top priority


Remarks by Wandsworth Labour leader Simon Hogg to Capital Club breakfast of property developers and architects, March 21, Guildhall, City of London

Thank you for inviting me here today. I would like to outline Wandsworth Labour’s new approach to planning and housing. But first I would like to tell you why I am here and why I think Wandsworth needs a Labour Council.

My name’s Simon Hogg, I’m the leader of Wandsworth Labour. There’s going to be a close election in May and we are planning for a Labour led council for the first time since 1978.

Wandsworth is a fantastic place to live. Its strong, diverse communities represent the best of modern London. I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else.

Wandsworth is now at a crossroads.  We can continue with a council that has frankly run out of steam, or choose Labour’s dynamic team with a different vision built on fairness and common sense that puts people first.

As our neighbourhoods change, we need a council with the right values. And as London grows as a global city, we need a fresh, practical approach that harnesses potential without creating imbalance or division. Development is key to that. Continue reading “Affordable homes for local people is Wandsworth Labour’s top priority”

Wandsworth Labour’s fresh approach is built on fairness and common sense

Simon Hogg, Wandsworth Labour leader – speech to Wandsworth council March 7, 2018

Wandsworth is a fantastic place to live. Its strong, diverse communities represent the best of modern London.

But with Conservatives in control locally and nationally, people are feeling the strain.

They once claimed to run a tight ship here, but they’ve become stuck in a tired and self-serving rut. They are trapped in a mind set that knows the cost of everything and the value of nothing.

When our most vulnerable residents need more protection than ever, the Tories have instead prioritised their relationships with property developers and lobbyists.

Most clearly seen at Battersea Power station. A £9 billion scheme with only 9% affordable housing.

Where the council allowed developers to cut 250 affordable homes.

Where the remaining affordable homes have been moved half a mile away from the river to an old industrial estate.

Where a Transparency International investigation found 85% of flats are sold to overseas investors, 44% from ‘high corruption risk’ jurisdictions.

This scheme has become a symbol of everything that’s gone wrong with Wandsworth’s Tory council.

So Wandsworth is now at a crossroads.

Continue with a council with the wrong priorities and no new ideas, or choose a dynamic team with a radically different vision built on fairness and common sense.

As our neighbourhoods change, we need a council with the right values. And as London grows as a global city, we need a fresh, practical approach that harnesses potential without creating imbalance or division.

Only Labour offers this.

Labour will keep Council Tax low – because it’s not right to ask those who are struggling to pay more. We’ll freeze council tax this year and next, and we’ll raise 2% on the social care precept to make sure older people get the care they need and to relieve the pressure on our NHS.

We’ll open up the books, cancel wasteful contracts and cut councillors’ expenses to help pay for much needed services. And we’ll work with local people to protect high streets, provide the homes our communities want, and stop Wandsworth being a soft touch for developers.

We won’t repeat the Tory mistakes of the past.

When they let down vulnerable children and have spent £14 million of local people’s money trying to set right those failings.

When they turned Battersea Park into a motor-racing track – and tried to charge children £2.50 to play in the adventure playground there.

Selling of thousands of affordable homes and building only hundreds in their place.

Labour’s team is principled, experienced and successful. We will put fairness first and stand up to powerful interests. We’ll match competence with compassion, protect neighbourhoods and support those who need it.

We will be ambitious, act with integrity and work tirelessly to make Wandsworth a place where families can thrive.

Wandsworth deserves better. It’s time for a change, we’re ready to serve.

Battersea Power Station has failed on affordable housing – local people deserve better


The developers of Battersea Power Station have sent out this glossy mailing to people across Wandsworth. There’s a few problems with it…

It’s not “the first 386 affordable homes” at Battersea Power Station. It’s the first *and only* affordable homes. Independent adviser BNP Paribas says it is “very unlikely” any more will be built.

Last year Wandsworth’s Tory council unbelievably allowed the developers of the Power Station cut to cut 250 affordable homes. This means the £9,000,000,000 scheme has just 9% affordable housing.

These remaining affordable homes are not “at Battersea Power Station”. They’ve been moved to an old industrial estate half a mile away from the luxury homes.

Battersea Power Station is not for local people. “831 of the first units have been sold. A staggering 85.7% have been snapped up by foreign investors, according to Transparency International, with 44.7% of those from high corruption risk jurisdictions.”

Want to buy one of the full-price homes at Battersea Power Station? Rightmove says you can pick up a studio flat for £950,000 or a three-bed flat for £8,220,000.

It’s a bit odd to send a glossy leaflet to tens of thousands of local people about homes that will be available in 2020. There are, though, local elections in two months’ time. I’m told the Power Station developers are worried Labour might win.

If the developers of Battersea Power Station want to make their scheme an election issue, that’s fine. So do we.

Wandsworth is a fantastic place to live. Its strong, diverse communities represent the best of modern London. But after decades in power, the Tories have got too cosy with developers and lobbyists and have stopped listening to residents.

Wandsworth Labour will work with local people to protect high streets, provide the homes our communities want, and stop Wandsworth becoming a playground for developers.

Labour’s team is ready to build a strong council that puts fairness first and stands up to powerful interests. No Wandsworth Labour councillor will accept gifts or meals from a property developer.

All Planning Application Committee meetings broadcast live. We’ll listen to local people with improved consultation, a borough-wide planning forum and neighbourhood plans.

We’ll get tough with property developers and make sure they live up to the commitments they make to the community. Deals made with developers will be public and uncensored.

On National Offer Day, Wandsworth Labour promises it will ensure a fair provision of school places across the borough

Today is National Offer Day, when parents and children learn which school place they have been allocated by Wandsworth Council for September.

Last year, 42% of Wandsworth’s children missed out on their first choice of school.

According to Cllr Jeremy Ambache, Wandsworth Labour’s Education Spokesperson: “National Offer Day brings good news for many Wandsworth families, but for others it is a distressing time as children are told they cannot go to their school of choice. Wandsworth Labour is taking the opportunity of National Offer Day to pledge that should Labour take control of Wandsworth in May, we will ensure a fair provision of school places right across the borough”.

Jeremy Ambache added: “Parents have told me that they are not only anxious about getting their child into the school they want to go to, but about the budget cuts those schools are facing”.

Cllr Jeremy Ambache

According to the National Education Union, schools in Wandsworth are facing government cuts of £9 million between 2015/16 and 2020/21. This is equivalent to losing more than 150 teachers.

Cllr Ambache said: “Schools in Battersea, Putney and Tooting are not replacing teachers and teaching assistants. Some parents are asked to make donations towards classroom equipment. After-school and pre-school provision has been reduced. Drama, sport and music are being cut. It’s desperately sad to see children miss out.”